Team LeaseMunky

My name is Omar Bradley Ting. I’m writing my bio in 1st person because talking about myself in 3rd person seems odd.

Since people always ask, “how did you get the name Omar?”
Both of my parents are of Taiwanese decent. Religion-wise, a Muslim mom & a Christian dad — they compromised and I got a Muslim first name and my dad got to “choose” my last name. There was also this popular general you may have heard of, Omar Bradley.

Brief Life Summary
Born & raised in Dallas, TX.
Actually, Arlington — but you don’t know where that is.
Went to USC
Started as a business major but switched to econ & philosophy.
Law school was always the plan afterwards.
Graduated USC in 2005.
Changed mind about law school.
Applied to Mercedes dealership, not hired.
Applied to Porsche/Audi dealership, not hired.
Became depressed because I had a USC degree (kidding).
Started as a commercial real estate Agent w/ The DT Group, Feb 2006 to Oct 2007.
Specialized in USC student housing & general multifamily.
Switched firms to Sperry Van Ness, Oct 2007 to Mar 2010.
Switched firms to Keller Williams in Mar 2010.
Started LeaseMunky in summer of 2009…

My passion these days is LeaseMunky. Regarding my multifamily brokerage business: although I still service a handful of my clients, I have indefinitely put this on hold as I grow and perfect the LeaseMunky business model. I am the CEO and Chief Marketing Officer of LeaseMunky. I am also a partner and CMO for StuHo (www.stuho.com), LeaseMunky’s sister company which is the #1 student housing leasing/management firm at The University of Southern California. I also have 2 dogs and enjoy long walks on the beach.

Part of the reason for my recent shift in career decision… well, aside from the worst real estate market we’ve ever seen: commercial real estate ties you a specific location (unless you’re doing nationwide NNN retail, etc). It’s like a marriage. I’ve always wanted to travel for work. Fly to Miami to start a new franchise. Fly to Boston to start a new franchise. That can’t happen if I spend the rest of my career focused on one product type in one market. You can make a ton of money specializing like that. But it’s not about the money anymore.

Beyond that — the thing I’ve enjoyed most about the real estate business has been the marketing aspect. Since Proctor & Gamble wouldn’t hire me as their CMO, I started LeaseMunky and hired myself.

Some Brokerage Achievements (multifamily)
2009: 2nd Highest price/unit & price/SF sold in Palms
2008: Ranked Top 30 Multifamily Broker in Los Angeles by # of Properties Sold
2008: 2nd Highest price/unit ever sold in the USC area
2007: Highest price/unit sold in Silver Lake
2007: Highest price/SF sold in the USC area

Some Licenses, etc.
CA Real Estate License #01745418
Candidate to become a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM)


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  1. great job omar!!!!!!!!

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