Ain’t No Recognition

I don’t get recognition nor appreciation for the most important (at least to me) work that I do.
But I am fine with that, because that is not the reason I do (recognition, appreciation)
It would still be nice though; because even a selfless guy needs his ego boosted every once in a while.
It just hurts, when my efforts are shunned, yet my results are lapped up.





5 Comments to “Ain’t No Recognition”

  1. I’m sorry, if i made you feel insulted and not appreciated.
    I like to tease you sometimes.

    It’s like when i said to my brother that they’re ugly and lame, but actually they’re great and wonderful.
    Some people tend to show their loves with teasing. 😛

    I’ll change my attitude if you don’t like that.

  2. wait, i use the fake email address in that comment.

    I used to be undercover when commenting on blog 😛

  3. I never saw these comments until today, thanks.

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