Disappointment, Google (YouTube)

I am a little disappointed that when you perform a search on YouTube for “lithium”– Evanesence is the first search result; not that THAT “lithium” doesn’t deserve its status– just disappointed that Nirvana isn’t #1. Hopefully that just means that we all already have Nirvana’s lithium bookmarked and favorited so nobody’s searching for it.

Okay, fuck that shit, I’m being nice. There is no way Evanescenes’ lithium should rank higher than Nirvana’s lithium on a relevancy algorithim. Especially when I have Nirvana’s channel as a favorite and I’m signed into my Google acct. Google owns YouTube for those who haven’t been paying attention. And Google personalizes search– but omit this for now.

I don’t give a shit how many teeny boppers are twitterbooking a gazillion times per second about Evanescence. There should be some sort of Kantian ethics built into these search algorithims that prevent such a mishandling of “relevancy.”

Unless Nirvana fans have somehow dwindled or died off– I can’t see any logical justification for an algorithm that would place Evanescences’ Lithium above Nirvana’s Lithium.

Both songs were uploaded in 2009.
Yet Nirvana’s Lithium was recorded over two decades ago.
and Nirvana’s Lithium has 4m more views (14m vs 10m) collected in the same span of time

So I have come to a dual “either/or” conclusion.

Either Google’s YouTube algorithm is extremely flawed OR everyone already owns Lithium on their iTunes so there would be no need to search for the song on YouTube.

But the latter argument seems like a stretch so I’m betting that YouTube’s algorithm is OLD and RUSTY because Google is placing so much focus on it’s bread and better algorithm, at google.com;

and that’s probably because YouTube doesn’t really have any serious competition, yet?

here, so you don’t have to search for it o_O


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