I got 99 Iterations

Iteration can go WRONG, very wrong, when you’re dealing with Human Resources.


It’s the new thing in business. Create, pre-release, gauge feedback, re-release, change, pre-launch, test, launch, make sure Google didn’t copy us, re-launch, sell to Google.

In the web2.0 era, iteration isn’t only popular by choice, but it’s necessary to avoid death.

Every competitive business should fear being copied. Thus, as a survival mechanism– the everlasting quest for perfection and efficiency impels owners and entrepreneurs to iterate at every step of the way.

What is the consequence of not-iterating? Imagine the Encyclopedia Brittanica. That is the dusty old vestige of a product which failed to iterate fast enough to keep up with technology. Wikipedia, on the other hand, is “iterated” every single day.

When it comes to technology– I’m a big fan of iteration.

It’s relatively easy to cut and paste code around and test the effects; reactions can be made quick

When it comes to humans– I’m not so fond of iteration.

Even though I’m a process person (meaning I strive for 100% efficiency in all processes), I understand that humans take a while longer to program than a computer. There is a lot more downtime in changing a human process, telling someone to sit somewhere else, switching teams, changing workflow, etc. It takes a while for humans to “warm up” to the new process.

Sometimes the “perfect” process is the familiar one. It takes repetition to become an expert. So stop changing shit around (what you’d like to say to your boss).

However, if you’re not iterating and reiterating, then you may be guilty of:

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Einstein says this is insanity.

I say it’s perseverance.

People say I’m crazy.


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