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November 13, 2011

Google is greater than Facebook, duhh– let me explain…

I love Google. Always have, always will. I think the media has been brainwashing us lately to think otherwise. I’ve seen all these comparisons of Facebook to Google… and how Google should be worried about Facebook. Gdamn. They almost had me believing the hype.

As if Facebook could even compete at the same Division 1-A level that Google is playing. Facebook is at best, Junior Varsity– possibly even little league, when compared to Google.

Google gives me psychic-like search results. Sometimes I wonder if Google starts searching before my fingers even hit the pad. If hardware ever finds a way to read minds– I’m sure Google will be the first to buy that technology and patent it. Then, insta search results the moment you think of whatever you want. Well, hopefully it’s not-NSF.

Then, there’s free email. Gmail for those of you who need clarification. Possibly, the best email system I have ever used, and web-based. I may have clicked on 2 or 3 ads my whole life from Gmail. I have slammed my head on a spinning ceiling fan about as many times as I’ve clicked on a Google ad. As of now, I can remember doing that twice. Once intentionally, but I was offered $10, or something. I don’t remember, understandably. The other time, when I was a baby, my dad was tossing me into the air and tossed me right into the ceiling fan. No really, as I understand it, this is a true story.

I tell you these stories expecting the barrage of cheap jokes; however, having hit my head on a ceiling fan twice, I think my IQ is still higher than everyone I know. So if you have a confused look on your face right now, that means I’m smarter than you– in spite of having had severe head trauma, at least a couple of times.

Then, there’s my free cell phone number and texting and voicemail and voice transcription and voicemail-to-email and call-forwarding-to-5-phones (among many other features) via web-based Google Voice. The last phone number I’m really ever going to need– I’ll just have that forwarded to whatever cell service I may be using… this gives me the flexibility to truly be a consumer and shop for the best cell carrier. Never be tied to a number (that I have to pay for). And maybe WiFi coverage in the future will be so powerful (think 4G+ and beyond) and consistent that “cell” carrier service becomes a commodity. WiFi will do to AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile– the same thing that broadband did to AOL. Make them completely obsolete. Commoditized would be wishful thinking. Their fate is similar to the typewriter’s fate. Time to start marketing yourselves as retro, you know, get a head start on marketing efforts, see into the future and plan for it like Steve Jobs.

My only fear is that the government will eventually gain control of Google one way or another– through legal or illegal/illicit means.

One thing is clear: the government usually bows down to Utalitarian law: the ends justify the means. If murder is necessary, they do it. Torture, same. Secret “CIA” sniper missions. I bet they already have government moles working all throughout Google. It’s possible that the government really is Google. I mean, they both start with “Go…”

How do we really feel about two Russians dominating the planet? Yea right. It’s like a big U.S. joke. One day, George W. Bush is gonna be like– “hyuck hyuck, I invented this Sergee guy. And Lawrence.. P-P-P… Page? hahahah. I just mayde that sheeet up.”


I know Google does a lot of other shit. One of them being, filling my inbox with new “Offers” every day now. Well, I did opt-in to it. And do you know what? I never signed up for Groupon. It was just oddly convenient for me to ‘add’ GoogleOffers. No monopoly? I def think Google products all have a ginormous competitive advantage in its ability to market directly to its existing customers (like, almost everybody) at relatively ZERO cost…

NO other company has this advantage– so it’s like this kind of reverse-monopoly that nobody knows how to explain because it’s never been done before. But yes, it has all the elements of a monopoly. It’s how they can one day be like– “hey Groupon, 5-beezies for yo company? No? ‘take-a-hike’??? Okay, fine.”

[next day GoogleOffers is born]

and Blazaaam. Innovative idea?

Nahh. They just have near-zero customer acquisition costs. It’s also how they’re able to gain 40 million Google+ users in a short period of time… because it’s just added to your toolbar, which you use every day.

It’s really not fair to start-up companies… kids working out of a garage… putting their risky business costs onto their personal credit cards… that’s usually how companies start.

Now– kids start for the wrong reasons (to sell to Google eventually)… and– they’re scared for the right reasons (that Google can and WILL copy your product if they can’t buy it). They definitely have the talent and resources to reverse engineer your product/idea faster, better than you could have done it– and market it to the entire would within a day.

Yea, you’re toast. We all might as well fold before we start.

Okay so what does Facebook do for me? Not really a damn thing. Okay, I’ve got all the people I know in one place. Great. Too bad I don’t like people.

And, after some contemplation, although it seems improbable and unlikely– I would be willing to break-up with Google if need be. If the government purchased Google or something like that.

Here’s a way to think about which one is Greater: which one would hurt more if given up? Google, or Facebook?

I mean– before you text-happy teenagers **gasp** consider Facebook– Google+ almost gives you an identical replacement for Facebook… that is, after your old friends are re-added…

but… does Facebook ever really replace Google?