Employees Must Wash Hands. Really?

Just Do It

Just Do It

As I was relieving myself at Hara Sushi on Wilshire last night (awesome sushi place by the way), I saw this sign (well not technically this one, but one that looked exactly like it). It caused me to think:

How well does this sign work?

My hypothesis:

  1. the “employees must wash hands before returning to work” (let’s just refer to it as the EMWAB) sign has the opposite effect: rather than reminding those that would otherwise forget to wash their hands — it causes the “rebellious ones” to say “screw you” to “the man” and NOT WASH THEIR HANDS.
  2. Net Effect = less people wash hands w/ the sign posted
  3. Those that wash their hands will wash their hands anyways
  4. Those that need a reminder — I think the sink is reminder enough? dontcha think? Or how bout your dirty hands? Or how bout you serve food for a living? Or how bout your momma always told you to???
[i wrote this post like 2 yrs ago, June 26, 2009. I must have kept this as draft status as I did not want to drag down my professional image. Oh well! this is one of those picasso-type gems you just can’t sit on forever.]

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