Spotify is the best thing to happen to me since i found out about girls and Napster

First there was Napster
Now I can login anywhere anytime and listen to any song instantly w/o download for free and it’s legal
some funny fukkin shit we live through
next thing you know we will see all religions dissolve
a one world government will happen
the old world order with rules and regulations and superficial financial straight jacket will have light shone on it…
we always think the current way is the RIGHT way
well… until someone comes up with a BETTER way.
it’s like the saying, when you’re searching for your CAR KEYS
“It’s always in the last place I look! Why is that???”

well dumbass, after you found it,, why would you continue searching?

see… your keys are ALWAYS gonna be found in the LAST place you look…

you have no more reason to look after you have found it

originally i thought iTunes was my savior

then i found and Utorrent

then i found Pandora

Spotify is my NWO, my one world government, my single religion that unites the entire human race spiritually and religiously!

oh but youtube still PWNZ you all over the place.


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