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December 15, 2010

In God We Trust

I’ve figured it out. Why it’s on our dollar bill, “In God We Trust”. When our financial system was created and the first $1 bill was being designed, the founders of our financial system knew they were setting out to create one massive Ponzi scheme before Ponzi’s parents had ever met or even been born. They knew that social security was a big lie, but if you had faith or hope or belief or whatever you want to call that blind trust you have in an undefinable object as a defense mechanism to hide your own insecurities or unanswerable questions… whatever the feeling you call trust, you just have to trust the system to work.

If you stop trusting the system to work and run to the bank and grab all your money, the system will come crashing down.

That is why they had to fool you into believing god was behind the financial system — otherwise they would not be able to mind control you into thinking a green piece of paper was worth goods and services. They are just toying with your emotions.