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April 28, 2010

NYC Day 1: To Be, or Not to Be, Rude.

I thought New Yorkers were supposed to be rude. Thus, I was heartily looking forward to someone NOT giving me directions. Not only did every person stop and give us directions, they were pretty damned good directions. East Coast, +1.

My First Descent into NY Subway

First Subway Ride…

Subway Accordian Guy

Move to Your Left!

Two Green Ladies…

Lady Wants to Walk

Amaazing Artwork

Chinese Peepo

Bewldings Amaazing


Lesson in Efficiency

What street is that?

Large Bewlding

Hookah Smookah

April 27, 2010

West Coast vs. East Coast, my 27th BDay. Year 2010.

Dear everyone, I stole away to New York taking my first vacation in 4 years. Sorry I didn’t really tell anyone. It’s really awesome out here. Took my first jog. Staying in Stuyvesant Town/Peters Cooper Village. Reminds me of West Hollywood, except I see people wearing suits and ties getting on the bus.

I held the door open for this lady as I was about to enter the Rite Aid near 14th Street and 1st Ave. The black woman gave me the weirdest look like “what the hell are you doing?” Then her face eased up, smiled at me, and said “thank you.” Like I just made her day. Like no one ever held a door open for her before. I’d almost rather live in NY just because people appreciate you holding the door open for them. Spoiled ass LA peeps just expect you to do it.

This was the experience I came here for. I’m sure I’ll have a good time seeing the statue of liberty and visiting Wall Street. But I’m more intrigued by the culture, by the efficiency. You’ll find a Rite Aid and Wall Greens packed into the space the size of a 7-11 convenience store.

Running a leasing company also makes me realize how spoiled we are in LA. “No parking, I wanted 2 spaces, the building’s too small, the layout sucks, it’s too far from this and that, oh I’m not moving for another 3 months.”

Shut up.

You know in New York, RENTERS pay like $700 and up to brokers to help them find a place. Any place. And we do it for free for the renter in LA.

*Thanks to the LeaseMunky team for holding it down while I’m gone and making this vacation possible!