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February 10, 2010

The Most Awesomest Logo Ever

The Most Awesomest Logo Ever

I’m not sure what my thoughts REALLY are yet… concerning this logo. It wavers between “stupid” and “genius.” Not really sure which way I’m voting yet. It’s simple and boring, which is fitting for a cut and dried accounting company. Uncreative (or is it!?). You pay thousands, or even millions of dollars, to designers and your marketing team. Your Chief Marketing Officer approves… a solid green square. No 3D, no shadow, no lines, nothing. Just a green square. I guess it’s fitting too bc your name ends in “block.” H&R Block. Yes I get it.

I would have loved to see the unveiling of this logo by the marketing team to the board of directors.

Imagine a roomful of eager investors, sitting around a boardroom table. The CMO walks in, carries an easel in and sets it down in the front of the room. The easel has a black cloth draped over it, shielding the company’s new logo. The suspense builds.

Investors are wondering how in the world you could possibly improve on this:

preceding awesomeness

Then. Voila. The black cloth veil is quickly removed.

A green square is revealed.

Silence in the room. After a few seconds, a single clap. Another clap. Bursts into a full applause.