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November 11, 2009

Blogging is back

because I say so. Made apparent with the widespread adoption of Twitter — I think society is becoming stupider (not a word, I am mocking myself). Okay — maybe stupid is not the best word, but I don’t have a better one to offer you. Society now moves with such speed that most of us are born with Attention Deficity Disorder and have difficulty keeping up with messages longer than 144 characters (Twitter).

I used to have sincere difficulty remembering peoples’ names when I first met them. Recently I have been making an active effort to brand names into my memory. I’ve realized that most people don’t care; and some people brag like it’s a cool superpower to ‘not remember someone’s name.’

Our names aside, I feel like 2009 is an interesting year: technology is starting to hinder efficiency — or maybe it’s just me… but I feel like there’s a million different ways/tools to complete tasks in my life.

Back in the Day:

  1. Phones: you had one phone number, your home. and you had to be home to take calls. And, you would actually have to schedule calls so both people could be home at the same time. Caller ID was an amenity.
  2. Address book: If I couldn’t memorize your number, you were probably not worth it.

^and that’s all I can think of for now.

Let’s fast forward to Right Now:

  1. Email: needless to say there are tons of options. I think I’ve settled on gmail to forever manage my personal email. For my business, there are tons of 3rd party email management systems for marketing: outlook, constant contact… yadda yadda. Having a myriad of options/choices is good — but I’m getting brain damage when I only need one and I’m forced to pick 1.
  2. Contact Management: most people may not sympathize, but my contacts are scattered across multiple platforms. Outlook, ACT, gmail, blackberry phone, different social media sites, some people on all, some on none, some on some… and I’m currently trying to start using salesforce… and some things sync with other things and importing from one to another is sometimes seamless and sometimes impossible……… I miss pen and paper.
  3. Blogs: I remember when blogs blew up years ago, and since died down. But the return on investment on a blog is very poor. You could spend an hour writing a post and only get 1 reader, versus a 2 minute TWEET gets hundreds of reads in the first second — but I guess it’s how one measures the return. Me — if one person reads my blog, I’m happy. Actually, if no one reads my blog — I’m happy, maybe a little sad actually. But my blog is like my digitial graffiti. I spray it on the internet highway and you can stop, look, read, like, dislike… it’s actually more fun when my words cause resentment.
  4. Blogs II: it’s not like we think less or have less to say. Quite the contrary — I’ve been quiet for a while and my thoughts are charging interest (that’s a very cheesy joke by the way). We all have the same amount of things to say, but there’s a general consensus that NO ONE CARES anymore. So we tweet.
  5. Friends: How can you have more than 5 friends? Seriously. It’s difficult to keep a good relationship with 1 person, much less 1,000 — which is how many friends you may have on facebook. Being forced to memorize our friends’ phone numbers (in the past) was a built in mechanism to not have too many friends. Now half my friends on Facebook I can’t even remember the last conversation we had.

I recently started playing Madden 2010 on Playstation — a football simulation game. I invited a friend of mine to come over and play. He reminded me that we could just connect online and play. VERY COOL I thought!

But then I started thinking: kids these days don’t even have to walk to their friends’ houses to play video games. Is this an advancement in technology? Dunno. I don’t know what kids are doing these days.

I’m getting old. I think I’m the oldest 26-year-old I know. I actually think I’m just bitter, that I didn’t think of twitter, but in the process of creating the first iphone app for a virtual baby-sitter.