April 4, 2012

Ain’t No Recognition

I don’t get recognition nor appreciation for the most important (at least to me) work that I do.
But I am fine with that, because that is not the reason I do (recognition, appreciation)
It would still be nice though; because even a selfless guy needs his ego boosted every once in a while.
It just hurts, when my efforts are shunned, yet my results are lapped up.




March 14, 2012

Disappointment, Google (YouTube)

I am a little disappointed that when you perform a search on YouTube for “lithium”– Evanesence is the first search result; not that THAT “lithium” doesn’t deserve its status– just disappointed that Nirvana isn’t #1. Hopefully that just means that we all already have Nirvana’s lithium bookmarked and favorited so nobody’s searching for it.

Okay, fuck that shit, I’m being nice. There is no way Evanescenes’ lithium should rank higher than Nirvana’s lithium on a relevancy algorithim. Especially when I have Nirvana’s channel as a favorite and I’m signed into my Google acct. Google owns YouTube for those who haven’t been paying attention. And Google personalizes search– but omit this for now.

I don’t give a shit how many teeny boppers are twitterbooking a gazillion times per second about Evanescence. There should be some sort of Kantian ethics built into these search algorithims that prevent such a mishandling of “relevancy.”

Unless Nirvana fans have somehow dwindled or died off– I can’t see any logical justification for an algorithm that would place Evanescences’ Lithium above Nirvana’s Lithium.

Both songs were uploaded in 2009.
Yet Nirvana’s Lithium was recorded over two decades ago.
and Nirvana’s Lithium has 4m more views (14m vs 10m) collected in the same span of time

So I have come to a dual “either/or” conclusion.

Either Google’s YouTube algorithm is extremely flawed OR everyone already owns Lithium on their iTunes so there would be no need to search for the song on YouTube.

But the latter argument seems like a stretch so I’m betting that YouTube’s algorithm is OLD and RUSTY because Google is placing so much focus on it’s bread and better algorithm, at google.com;

and that’s probably because YouTube doesn’t really have any serious competition, yet?

here, so you don’t have to search for it o_O

March 7, 2012

I got 99 Iterations

Iteration can go WRONG, very wrong, when you’re dealing with Human Resources.


It’s the new thing in business. Create, pre-release, gauge feedback, re-release, change, pre-launch, test, launch, make sure Google didn’t copy us, re-launch, sell to Google.

In the web2.0 era, iteration isn’t only popular by choice, but it’s necessary to avoid death.

Every competitive business should fear being copied. Thus, as a survival mechanism– the everlasting quest for perfection and efficiency impels owners and entrepreneurs to iterate at every step of the way.

What is the consequence of not-iterating? Imagine the Encyclopedia Brittanica. That is the dusty old vestige of a product which failed to iterate fast enough to keep up with technology. Wikipedia, on the other hand, is “iterated” every single day.

When it comes to technology– I’m a big fan of iteration.

It’s relatively easy to cut and paste code around and test the effects; reactions can be made quick

When it comes to humans– I’m not so fond of iteration.

Even though I’m a process person (meaning I strive for 100% efficiency in all processes), I understand that humans take a while longer to program than a computer. There is a lot more downtime in changing a human process, telling someone to sit somewhere else, switching teams, changing workflow, etc. It takes a while for humans to “warm up” to the new process.

Sometimes the “perfect” process is the familiar one. It takes repetition to become an expert. So stop changing shit around (what you’d like to say to your boss).

However, if you’re not iterating and reiterating, then you may be guilty of:

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Einstein says this is insanity.

I say it’s perseverance.

People say I’m crazy.

January 14, 2012

Urinating on dead bodies & New Gingrich is the shit

“the shit” def: cool, awesome

Urinating on dead bodies, I don’t think this is so bad– when juxtaposed to the preceding blowing-their-brains-out.

As a national pastime, I think the United States of America should probably stick to baseball. As for urinating on dead bodies, this is something like “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

People don’t really want to know how shit goes down. Yea, that’s what happens when you send people to war, to murder people on the other side of the world.

Murder vs Peeing on someone who was trying to kill you.

If someone was trying to kill me, I’d pee on them first, then blow their brains out.

Then I’d pee on them again.

don’t lie and say you wouldn’t take the opportunity to shit on your biggest enemy, I think we’re holding the military to a ridiculous standard when we condone murder then chastise them for desecrating enemies’ dead bodies.

how bout we just don’t kill them in the first place?


I kind of dig Newt Gingrich because he’s blunt and isn’t afraid to tackle racial issues. If you dance around racial issues without confronting them head-on, you risk ignoring the problems.

Anyways, Newt tells it like it is, straight up with no filter. Maybe a filter would gain him more popularity but I prefer honesty ==> that fool his honest and he’s got balls.

Ron Paul– this guy is super honest but I don’t know if he has the balls to crush it.

Mitt Romney def has the balls to go crush it like Clinton did, but I feel like he’s always acting and smiling for the camera. I don’t like fake people.

I met Mitt Romney before, the first time he ran, back in 2007-2008, at a fundraiser held in Beverly Hills at Geoff Palmer’s mansion. He shook my hand and said “nice to meet you AGAIN.”

I didn’t say anything, but I was thinking “lol I’ve never met you before.”

I guess all asian people look alike.

I vote Alec Baldwin for president

November 13, 2011

Google is greater than Facebook, duhh– let me explain…

I love Google. Always have, always will. I think the media has been brainwashing us lately to think otherwise. I’ve seen all these comparisons of Facebook to Google… and how Google should be worried about Facebook. Gdamn. They almost had me believing the hype.

As if Facebook could even compete at the same Division 1-A level that Google is playing. Facebook is at best, Junior Varsity– possibly even little league, when compared to Google.

Google gives me psychic-like search results. Sometimes I wonder if Google starts searching before my fingers even hit the pad. If hardware ever finds a way to read minds– I’m sure Google will be the first to buy that technology and patent it. Then, insta search results the moment you think of whatever you want. Well, hopefully it’s not-NSF.

Then, there’s free email. Gmail for those of you who need clarification. Possibly, the best email system I have ever used, and web-based. I may have clicked on 2 or 3 ads my whole life from Gmail. I have slammed my head on a spinning ceiling fan about as many times as I’ve clicked on a Google ad. As of now, I can remember doing that twice. Once intentionally, but I was offered $10, or something. I don’t remember, understandably. The other time, when I was a baby, my dad was tossing me into the air and tossed me right into the ceiling fan. No really, as I understand it, this is a true story.

I tell you these stories expecting the barrage of cheap jokes; however, having hit my head on a ceiling fan twice, I think my IQ is still higher than everyone I know. So if you have a confused look on your face right now, that means I’m smarter than you– in spite of having had severe head trauma, at least a couple of times.

Then, there’s my free cell phone number and texting and voicemail and voice transcription and voicemail-to-email and call-forwarding-to-5-phones (among many other features) via web-based Google Voice. The last phone number I’m really ever going to need– I’ll just have that forwarded to whatever cell service I may be using… this gives me the flexibility to truly be a consumer and shop for the best cell carrier. Never be tied to a number (that I have to pay for). And maybe WiFi coverage in the future will be so powerful (think 4G+ and beyond) and consistent that “cell” carrier service becomes a commodity. WiFi will do to AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile– the same thing that broadband did to AOL. Make them completely obsolete. Commoditized would be wishful thinking. Their fate is similar to the typewriter’s fate. Time to start marketing yourselves as retro, you know, get a head start on marketing efforts, see into the future and plan for it like Steve Jobs.

My only fear is that the government will eventually gain control of Google one way or another– through legal or illegal/illicit means.

One thing is clear: the government usually bows down to Utalitarian law: the ends justify the means. If murder is necessary, they do it. Torture, same. Secret “CIA” sniper missions. I bet they already have government moles working all throughout Google. It’s possible that the government really is Google. I mean, they both start with “Go…”

How do we really feel about two Russians dominating the planet? Yea right. It’s like a big U.S. joke. One day, George W. Bush is gonna be like– “hyuck hyuck, I invented this Sergee guy. And Lawrence.. P-P-P… Page? hahahah. I just mayde that sheeet up.”


I know Google does a lot of other shit. One of them being, filling my inbox with new “Offers” every day now. Well, I did opt-in to it. And do you know what? I never signed up for Groupon. It was just oddly convenient for me to ‘add’ GoogleOffers. No monopoly? I def think Google products all have a ginormous competitive advantage in its ability to market directly to its existing customers (like, almost everybody) at relatively ZERO cost…

NO other company has this advantage– so it’s like this kind of reverse-monopoly that nobody knows how to explain because it’s never been done before. But yes, it has all the elements of a monopoly. It’s how they can one day be like– “hey Groupon, 5-beezies for yo company? No? ‘take-a-hike’??? Okay, fine.”

[next day GoogleOffers is born]

and Blazaaam. Innovative idea?

Nahh. They just have near-zero customer acquisition costs. It’s also how they’re able to gain 40 million Google+ users in a short period of time… because it’s just added to your toolbar, which you use every day.

It’s really not fair to start-up companies… kids working out of a garage… putting their risky business costs onto their personal credit cards… that’s usually how companies start.

Now– kids start for the wrong reasons (to sell to Google eventually)… and– they’re scared for the right reasons (that Google can and WILL copy your product if they can’t buy it). They definitely have the talent and resources to reverse engineer your product/idea faster, better than you could have done it– and market it to the entire would within a day.

Yea, you’re toast. We all might as well fold before we start.

Okay so what does Facebook do for me? Not really a damn thing. Okay, I’ve got all the people I know in one place. Great. Too bad I don’t like people.

And, after some contemplation, although it seems improbable and unlikely– I would be willing to break-up with Google if need be. If the government purchased Google or something like that.

Here’s a way to think about which one is Greater: which one would hurt more if given up? Google, or Facebook?

I mean– before you text-happy teenagers **gasp** consider Facebook– Google+ almost gives you an identical replacement for Facebook… that is, after your old friends are re-added…

but… does Facebook ever really replace Google?

August 2, 2011

Employees Must Wash Hands. Really?

Just Do It

Just Do It

As I was relieving myself at Hara Sushi on Wilshire last night (awesome sushi place by the way), I saw this sign (well not technically this one, but one that looked exactly like it). It caused me to think:

How well does this sign work?

My hypothesis:

  1. the “employees must wash hands before returning to work” (let’s just refer to it as the EMWAB) sign has the opposite effect: rather than reminding those that would otherwise forget to wash their hands — it causes the “rebellious ones” to say “screw you” to “the man” and NOT WASH THEIR HANDS.
  2. Net Effect = less people wash hands w/ the sign posted
  3. Those that wash their hands will wash their hands anyways
  4. Those that need a reminder — I think the sink is reminder enough? dontcha think? Or how bout your dirty hands? Or how bout you serve food for a living? Or how bout your momma always told you to???
[i wrote this post like 2 yrs ago, June 26, 2009. I must have kept this as draft status as I did not want to drag down my professional image. Oh well! this is one of those picasso-type gems you just can’t sit on forever.]
July 23, 2011

Spotify is the best thing to happen to me since i found out about girls and Napster

First there was Napster
Now I can login anywhere anytime and listen to any song instantly w/o download for free and it’s legal
some funny fukkin shit we live through
next thing you know we will see all religions dissolve
a one world government will happen
the old world order with rules and regulations and superficial financial straight jacket will have light shone on it…
we always think the current way is the RIGHT way
well… until someone comes up with a BETTER way.
it’s like the saying, when you’re searching for your CAR KEYS
“It’s always in the last place I look! Why is that???”

well dumbass, after you found it,, why would you continue searching?

see… your keys are ALWAYS gonna be found in the LAST place you look…

you have no more reason to look after you have found it

originally i thought iTunes was my savior

then i found http://www.piratebay.org and Utorrent

then i found Pandora

Spotify is my NWO, my one world government, my single religion that unites the entire human race spiritually and religiously!

oh but youtube still PWNZ you all over the place.

July 22, 2011

Couples, Profile Pics, Facebook shared profile etc.

Maybe I am just bitter about being single too long.
But, when I see a person put their Facebook profile pic of one with their significant other…
Okay, not “piss” I don’t really have repressed anger THAT hard.
It’s just funny because all I seem to be able to do these days is see someone’s insecurity.
It’s because I’ve solved virtually ALL of my insecurities I’ve carried as baggage my whole life.
Because I can see myself clearly now, others are like total open books, books that I can skim thru like a Maxim Magazine.
Maxims are pretty easy to read.
You know that you’re gonna find that picture where people compete for the best “quote.”
That’s usually all that I looked forward to…

So when I see a “couple pic” on Facebook
Insecurities abound run thru my mind
I’m thinking….

Where’s your identity?
Who were you before, the relationship?
Are you not an individual first?
Are you defined by him? by her?

I see TOO MUCH attachment to THE RELATIONSHIP.

I see that the other person is insecure.

I see that you are both bound by your insecurity, yours and the others passive aggressive controlling nature… the need for PDA to prove your love to each other.

A purely healthy relationship will not require superficial displays of love from the other… like telling the whole world “I LOVE YOU ______” at the top of the lungzzz.

Yes, we fucking KNOW you are together. Hah. Get over yourself, yourselves… if there are even selves left. you have MELDED. I don’t even know who i’m talking to or commenting…

psh. you weak pathetic fooools.

Have much to learn, you do.

The wise one has spoken.



Pick one.

It matters not.

Suck my cock.

-Peeeeeeeeeeeace Out

p.s. Yeaaaa you read this far cuz you juzzz cannot get enuff of me. My blog is back in action and it’s like a bulldozer for your subconscious, I know ya’ll better than ya’ll know yourself.


May 3, 2011

Cinqo Despizo 2011

edit: this was meant as a personal private blog never to be released maybe posthumously (kidding i kid); i don’t give a fuck anymore; hiding myself sucks; hermitiddy (yes i made that up sux) this is who i am, this is who i be, fuck you and your insecurity, here is mine. Mom, Dad, I miss you, world, this is who i am. Fuck off. And accept me. Seeeee i no scare to share.

I just turned 28. I’m broke.
This was not the first time I ran out of dog food and felt an utter sense of desperation.
The difference this time around is that, come to think about it, I’m quite happy right now– although, any ‘normal’ person (whatever that means) might be having a nervous breakdown if there were in my shoes, my tattered holey 3yr old jogging sneakers.
I live in West Los Angeles, just bordering Santa Monica, just a few miles from the Sunny Pacific ocean and Venice Beach. I’ve got my two dogs, one rather porkie 12lb yorkshire terrier and a 20lb miniature american Eskimo– who, by the way, bit me in the face (nose) the other day.
May 1st just passed (the day rent is always due, not just May, like, every 1st of the 1st…) and we’re paying bi-monthly, meaning, we pay landlord every 2 weeks. It’s been structured this way because we’re never going to have ~$2500 sitting around at one time; shit, if we did, I’d have blown it on weed and strippers already.

don’t ask me how I arrived at this situation.


I had sort of an epiphany today, I’ve been having quite a lot of these. Either that or I’m going insane. Whatever, ignorance is kind of bliss.
I kind of just don’t care about anything. Call it laziness or, if you’re more spiritual, a state of Nirvana.
I once possessed this gangster hustle, this burning passion to make loads of money, drive a lambo, and just be the envy of all mankind.
I don’t know if it’s due to the copious amounts of weed I’ve been smoking, but my motivation  for all that is gone.
I like surfing, I like shooting the shit, pontificating, and smoking weed.

so, the epiphany developed from answering the following question:

— how and why did a sudden shift in my personality, attitude, wants, needs, and desires occur almost overnight?  

additionally, why do I now have such a lackadaisical I-Don’t-Give-A-Fuck attitude?


I used the last of my money to pay 2 weeks of rent.. and the remaining $100 or so bucks I re-registered LeaseMunky.com for another yr (May 22nd is LM’s 2yr birthday as well as domain expiration date…).

I also registered Weedpons.com // haha, I was thinking about Groupon for the weed industry. Gawd how I wish I could get into the weed business somehow. I am very passionate about the plant, the bud, the THC, the smoking of it. It’s given me such a clarity to life, well, I should give myself a lot of credit. I should say, to be succinct: WEED has removed the superficiality from my life…

I used to care about stuff that just plain doesn’t matter. For example, my first car, when I was 16, I’m remembering how mad I’d get about a scratch or dent, and how anxious I’d be when the car wasn’t in my sight. Fast forward 10+ plus years and a couple cars later… what was the point of getting angry and worked up over a hunk of metal that is not going to be part of my life for too long?

Who knows. Maybe I’m getting too deep here, and I’ll keep saying this because I know you’re thinking it, maybe I just smoke too much weed.

But– I still wonder why it seems like I’m the only one that just doesn’t care about anything. I’m happy, I’m sad– the outside material world doesn’t tug my emotional cords too much anymore.


Don’t neuter me.
I don’t want to stabilize my mood.
Look, I have good days, I have bad days.
I’m not good with knowing what emotions I’m feeling always.
I realized that happiness occurs on my good days.
I realized that depression occurs on my “blah” days, as I have been categorizing them to myself. because depression is a negative word and only pansy ass bitches have depression.
So, my point is, I don’t for a minute want to “stabilize” my moods to a more moderate and less variable range. Fuck that shit.
I enjoy the good days too damned much, get too much done, and create creative creativity.
So what I’d rather have is MORE of the good days and LESS of the bad, without drugs, but WITH my favorite plant, the herbilicious satival cannabistic monsta.
And if I cannot grant myself less of the bad, then at least I wish for people to leave me the fuck alone.
And my good days, I’d like to welcome people back into my life like I had never been gone.
And for them to all just understand.

February 16, 2011

what’s the point?


what’s the point of having smartphones, getting smarter and smarter, when we are getting dumber and dumber?

har har har